How can on describe such a personal journey? The time, energy, devotion, breath, dedication, emotion and love that goes into your practice is a beautifully enchanting experience. Every practice is so uniquely different and each breath gets you further into a state of self-awareness of your body, mental state and creating a deeper sense of realizing you are so much more than you could ever comprehend.

Yoga creates balance and union. Balance of body, mind and soul meeting together without resistance or judgement. Your little realizations of balance within your practice are so intricately personal and delicate. Many hours of being absorbed in the asanas. Days of letting go of the asanas and turning inwards to the rhythm of your soul. Moments of reaching to what you think is your capacity – both mentally and physically – and then going further any way to the flow of your beautiful life force called breath. Engagement. Let go. Alignment. Breathe. Adjust. Breathe. Drishti. Bandhas. Breathe. Jump. Fold. Let Go. Engage. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe….

….but within the whirlwind components to process, you find the stillness. You start to harness your inner harmony and align with yourself in a way that can only be described as indescribable. You have somewhere to go where you can get some space; in whichever element of life you need it.

And it’s a lifelong process.

What does yoga mean to me? Sohum. I am.