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Stumbling upon the overwhelming and endless subject in Vedic Philosophy called Ahamkara. You know, just the cause of all bondage and the chief barrier to the experience of inner reality. It loves its games, letting you place the noose around its neck but refuses to let you push the chair away.

Ego is the self-arrogating aspect of the mind. It separates the individual from unity with others and with the Self for the ego asserts I-ness. Greatest obstacle of tranquillity, it occupies the mind with thoughts of whether we are better or worse, possess more or less and have greater or lesser power than others. It is attended by desire, pride, anger, delusion, greed, jealousy, lust and hatred. The ego is the most difficult aspect of the mind to control for its nature is such that it deludes even while one is striving to overcome it. It is the part of the being that most strongly resists being controlled. Regardless, self awareness and practice will devour its flame and allow you to ignite your true Self.

Two can play, Ahamkara.