The discovery of the energy centers within us opens a whole new perception to the practice of yoga. Moving through asana with breath awakens the the life force known as prana within us to move through our nadis – the energy pathways within our subtle body. The main channel of energy is called the sushumna and it runs directly through the spine. The spine. Is everything. Extending from the base of the spine, wrapping around the sushumna like two vines growing up a tree are ida and pingala. These are about balancing the two sides of the brain and two sides of the body. Where ida and pingala connect as they intersect each other up the spine to the crown of the head, are the chakras.

To have the understanding of the postures relating to the chakras allows the awareness within to grow like a seedling pushing through the earth and rising up to bloom. All is connected and one must strive to achieve balance within all.

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